CMCM Understands Your Reimbursement Challenges

Connecticut Medical Claims Management, Inc. (CMCM) offers medical claims filing and billing  services that ensure prompt payment, reduced billing errors, and maximum reimbursement to improve the financial performance of healthcare practices.

Today’s healthcare providers and medical practices face changes and challenges as never before.

Filing, tracking and reporting on insurance claims can affect reimbursements and revenues either positively or negatively. You’ve come to the right place if you’re losing sleep over any of the following:

Your RX for Reimbursement – and a Good Night’s Sleep

We offer solutions for medical claims filing and billing services that support your staff and build practice expertise and capacity. We improve your rates of reimbursement above industry standards (98%)  and provide understandable reports that will ensure your success, profitability and sustainability in the new healthcare environment. Contact us to get your RX for Reimbursement – and a good night’s sleep.